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About Us:

‘H&G Advocates was originally founded in 1903 as Hunter & Greig Advocates. The Firm has evolved over the years while still maintaining it’s position as a powerhouse and leader in Uganda’s legal services industry.

The Firm is comprised of experienced, reputable and resourceful lawyers who provide unique and timeless legal and business solutions to it’s clients.

The Firm is a member of the TAGLaw Global Alliance which enables it to serve its clients efficiently and provide services through partner Firms anywhere in the world to meet its client’s global needs.

Our story

In 1903, about nine years after the British had declared Uganda a British Protectorate, a law graduate from the University of Dublin and recently called to the English Bar, Dr. Henry Hamilton Hunter and Mr. George Greig set up a law practice initially at Entebbe under the name Hunter & Greig Advocates. This pracice is widely recognized as the first law practice to be set up in Uganda. This law practice would later evolve into Kateera & Kagumire Advocates in 1994 and H&G Advocates in 2021. For a period of over 100 years, the law practice has stayed true to the same values of precision and excellence in the provision of legal services.

The Firm has been continuously recognized for the exceptional legal talent it attracts in the legal services industry and has also been characterized by its retention of notable practitioners throughout its existence and unmatched excellence in service delivery.

With a team of lawyers trained both locally and internationally to ensure that our clients get the best services available in the country, H&G Advocates remains unparalleled in providing world class solutions to clients in a wide range of industries and sectors like Banking & Finance, Energy & Power, Oil & Gas, Intellectual property among others.

Our Key Milestones

  1. Hunter and Greig

    Hunter & Greig Advocates established in Uganda by Dr. Henry Hamilton Hunter and George Greig.

  2. Hunter & Greig Advocates

    Greig retires from the Firm.

  3. Hunter & Greig Advocates

    Dr. Hunter retires from the Firm.

  4. Hunter & Greig Advocates

    O J (John) Keeble joins the Firm. Keeble stayed with the Firm until 1972. He was awarded an OBE in 1973 for services rendered to the British Community in Uganda.

  5. Hunter & Greig Advocates

    Jonathan Kateera joins the Firm as Partner and later on Chris Kasibayo, Ssengoba, Akankwasa.

  6. H&G Advocates

    Yusuf Kagumire joins the Firm as a Partner.

  7. Kateera and Kagumire Advocates

    Changed from Hunter & Greig to Kateera & Kagumire Advocates

  8. Kateera and Kagumire Advocates.

    John F. Kanyemibwa was admitted as a Partner.

  9. Kateera and Kagumire Advocates.

    Dennis L. Wamala becomes a Partner.

  10. Kateera and Kagumire Advocates.

    Noel Muhangi becomes a Partner.

  11. Kateera and Kagumire Advocates.

    Pope Ahimbisiibwe becomes a Partner.

  12. H&G Advocates

    The Firm changed its name from Kateera & Kagumire Advocates to H&G Advocates.


Legal Practice Areas

We offer reliable and effective legal solutions with solid Law Practice, the right way to the legal help and with qualified legal advisers

Litigation and
Dispute Resolution

H&G Advocates has over the vast span of years, built an impeccable,

Banking and Finance

We are Uganda’s leading Banking and Finance practice law firm and 

Real Estate & Property

The Firm’s real estate, property and construction team possess

Coporate Advisory Practice

We advise leading local and foreign investors on incorporation


Meet Our Team

All people are equal before the law. A great lawyer backed by a powerful law firm is what makes a difference. 


Yusuf Kagumire S.C

Yusuf Kagumire S.C


John F.Kanyemibwa

John F.Kanyemibwa


Dennis L. Wamala

Dennis L. Wamala


Pope F. Ahimbisibwe

Pope F. Ahimbisibwe


Noel Muhangi

Noel Muhangi



What some of our clients say about our services What some of o

“All people are equal before the law. A great

lawyer backed by powerful law firm a is what

makes a difference.”

 John Doe




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We aim to lead in each practice and area of law we work in. Coming from an in-depth understanding of the law and the industry, capitalizing on extensive experience, we provide hands-on advice that speaks the language of our client’s business.


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